Ep #14: Ted Fienning, Angel Investor, Angel Capital Group – Integrity With Your Pitch

Ted Fienning

Today on The Pitch Deck, we are excited to be speaking with Ted Fienning, angel investor and co-founder of Babiators. Babiators was named one of America’s 100 Most Promising Companies of 2014 by Forbes Magazine. Ted is a former carrier-qualified F/A-18 fighter pilot for the United States Marine Corps, entrepreneur and an active angel investor.

Ted, along with his wife Molly and a couple they went to college with, founded Babiators, after Molly noticed that while her fellow military wives wore aviators, like their husbands, their kids had no similar option available to them. 3 years later, Babiators were been sold in over 45 countries and quickly becoming the leading children’s retail brand for aviators. After retiring, Ted became actively involved in angel investing, becoming one of the founding members of the Angel Capital Group, Charleston chapter.

We invited Ted to share his philosophy behind selecting his investments and how, through mentoring and training his investors, he has found his new passion and mission in life. Tune in for Ted’s solid tips and strategies that are sure to give you an edge in the startup game.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Ted’s company, Babiators, was created.
  • Ted’s journey into angel investing.
  • Why Ted loves angel investing.
  • Ted’s angel investing business preferences.
  • Ted’s 2 requirements for a potential business investment.
  • Why you need to create a sense of scarcity with your pitch.

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