The Steps to a Successful Seed Round – Tiffany Tibbot, Founder of The B. Side Swimwear

G0aJkgU7_400x400This time on The Pitch Deck, I am thrilled to introduce Tiffany Tibbot. Tiffany is the founder and designer of B. Side Swimwear, a company that designs and sells swim suits for women who are looking for more variety in swimwear. B. Side Swimwear is a new company that aims to reinvent the traditional bathing suit. Bringing to market a new contemporary line of versatile bikinis that can be worn in 10 different ways.

After graduating from Notre Dame, Tiffany started her career as a buyer and merchandizer at Tory Burch, Saks Fifth Avenue, Juicy Couture and After recognizing the need for fashionable and functional swimwear, Tiffany created the B. Side truly believing in bridging the gap between fashion and function with smart style. Listen in to learn about Tiffany’s recent completion of her seed round of funding and creation of a board of advisors who are currently helping her launch her business in just a few short months.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Tiffany’s motivation to start The B. Side.
  • What The B. Side means for Tiffany.
  • Why Tiffany believes she is radically different than fashion tech.
  • The biggest takeaway lesson for Tiffany.
  • Why finding an advisor is a big commitment for both you and the advisor.

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