Ep #31: Tim Draper, Venture Capitalist, DFJ/Draper Associates – Go Big or Go Home

Tim DraperThis week on The Pitch Deck podcast, I am beyond excited to introduce to you Tim Draper, the founding partner of venture capitalist firms Draper Associates and DFJ. Tim’s innovative idea for using viral marketing in email to expose an internet product to the market was paramount in the success of Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail and and has been embraced as a standard marketing technique  used by thousands around the world. Throughout his career, Tim has helped fund hundreds of successful ventures such as Tesla, Baidu, Overture, Hotmail, Skype, Theranos, Parametric Technology, Twitch.tv and DigiDesign, just to name a few.

As an advocate for entrepreneurs and free markets Tim is regularly featured as a keynote speaker in entrepreneurial conferences throughout the world. He’s been recognized as a leader in his field through numerous awards and honors.

Tim has also started a non-profit organization, BizWorld.org, and Draper University of Heroes in order to encourage entrepreneurship in children and young adults. Additionally, he leads an initiative, SixCalifornias, to improve the governance of California.

On this episode, Tim shares successful pitch stories of huge startups like Skype, Theranos and others as well as some of the biggest mistakes he has seen founders make during the course of his venture capitalist career.  Tune it to get priceless advice from Tim Draper himself on how to make your pitch stand out and avoid major mistakes. Check it out below!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why Tim thinks of fundraising as an onion.
  • Why startup concepts that initially seem like obviously great ideas probably will not be big enough successes.
  • How to answer Tim’s question: “Why are you doing this?”
  • How Niklas Zennström, founder of Skype, pitched Tim.
  • The importance of having a big, world-changing vision.
  • How to handle the pitching process if your startup is ran by a romantically involved couple.
  • Tim’s “missed opportunities” in the startup world.

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