Finding Partners, Not Investors – Varun Khona, Co-Founder and CEO of Headout

Varun KhonaWelcome back to The Pitch Deck! On this episode, we are excited to have an absolutely inspiring and amazing guest, Varun Khona. Varun is a second-time travel entrepreneur, and the co-founder and CEO of Headout. Headout is an on-demand mobile marketplace that helps travelers discover and book the most incredible tours, activities, events and local experiences in town for the next 24 hours at incredible prices. All it takes is 3 taps and 60 seconds. Think of it as Hotel Tonight for travel experiences.

Varun grew up with a love for business. In college, he started a few profitable projects that helped him hone his experience and set the tone for the rest of his life. After working on a few startups, Varun decided to look into where his obsession and passion was – travel. In 2011, Varun started Trippy, his first travel startup that scaled to $500,000 in revenue before Varun ultimately closed it down in 2013 to prepare to move to America and start Headout.

Listen in as Varun shares how in less than a year, he moved from India to the U.S. with his team, founded Headout, and is now thoroughly disrupting the travel startup scene. Through his extensive knowledge of the psychology behind fundraising, Varun has managed to do what some founders never do – get funding and still maintain the integrity of his business. Listen in to learn how you too can keep your pitch fresh, learn from your failed pitches and find the investors that are perfect for you! Click “play” below to get started.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why Varun loves startups and having his own business.
  • His goal for Headout.
  • His first steps to securing funding.
  • Why he feels that a lot of startups can’t get funding.
  • What Varun and his team changed that helped him get funding.

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