Percerverence is the Key to Success – Vincent Bradley, CEO/Founder of FlashFunders

Vinnie BradleyToday, we are very excited to welcome our incredible guest to the show. Vincent Bradley is an entrepreneur, and not just an ordinary one. Through his business, Vincent helps bring needed capital to startups. Vincent is the CEO and Co-Founder of FlashFunders, an online equity funding platform. FlashFunders streamlines early stage fundraising for startups while also connecting them to a global network of investors.

If you are an entrepreneur, and you are passionate about the problem you are solving and you need to raise capital, then you need to listen to what Vincent has to say. He joins me today to share his incredible story of how he created FlashFunders and started helping entrepreneurs grow their companies. You don’t want to miss Vincent’s advice that may help you be the next startup to work with his company, get the funding you need, and make your business the next big thing.

Listen To The Full Interview:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Vincent started in funding platforms.
  • Why FlashFunders was created.
  • The significant problems that most entrepreneurs face.
  • How FlashFunders picks the companies they work with.
  • What you need to do to be successful with FlashFunders.

Featured On The Show:

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