Big Technical Problem Solvers – Vincent Tang, VC at Canrock Ventures

Vincent TangWelcome back to The Pitch Deck! On this episode, We are excited to welcome our guest, Vincent Tang. Vincent has spent ten years as a technology venture investor, most recently with Canrock Ventures, where he works with companies such as Crowdster, General Sentiment, Thrive Metrics and Sentiment Alpha.

After attending Carnegie Mellon, Vincent started out in the investment management world, working at Hail Capital and Morgan Stanley. That experience helped him to gain the technical knowledge he needed to help him in his latest adventure with Canrock. Vincent has been involved in over 25 venture investments, which include automation companies like GSI Group and Adept Technology. He is also a co-founder and COO at Clarapath, a forward-thinking company working to disrupt the diagnostic industry.

Vincent is here to help you tell your story to venture capitalists that will make them want to work with you! Vincent shares what catches his attention in pitches and makes him want to learn more about the problem, the company and the investors and those pitches that just make him cringe. You don’t want to miss Vincent’s technical, but easy to follow advice that will help you find your voice, clarify your message and capture the attention of the investors you need!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Vincent’s journey to becoming a venture capitalist.
  • Vincent’s investment thesis.
  • Why Vincent’s investing group tackles the field that most investors won’t.
  • 2 requirements that Canrock Ventures look for in potential investments.
  • Why you need to find investors with technical knowledge if you’re solving a technical problem.

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