Real Estate Crowdfunding – William Skelley, CEO/Founder of iFunding

William SkelleyAre you feeling discouraged with your lack of success in finding funding? Have you been looking at crowdfunding and wondered how that would ever work for you? If you have felt that you will never get a yes from a VC, angel or anyone willing to believe in you and your business, don’t get discouraged. Just about every founder has been there. Today, we are talking about how you can create a crowdfunding campaign that will help you attract the perfect investors for you.

My guest today is CEO and Founder of iFunding, William Skelley. William’s company is one of the leading real estate crowdfunding platforms in the US. For William, it all started about 10 years ago, he had started investing in real estate, and grown into a small boutique investment bank doing funding for primarily fix and flips, and later branching into working with some larger developers, mainly in NYC. After the market crashed in 2007-2008 (and going back to school, where he met and started working with Clayton Christianson of Disruptive Innovation), William knew he had found his niche. After investing in and witnessing the success of Circle Up, William realized that that same model would work in the real estate market, and iFunding was born. During the last 2 and a half years, together with Clay and Destructive Innovations support, William has been building his company, the technology and his team with amazing success.

Tune in for this informative and inspiring interview with William about how he utilized the crowdfunding model to successfully raise nearly $2 million dollars. You do not want to miss this episode, as William dives in to how to create the campaign that will draw the attention of your investors, and most importantly, their trust. Click play below to start….

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Circle Up’s success influenced William.
  • William’s journey to the creation of iFunding.
  • William’s biggest advice for founders that will dramatically increase success.
  • How William was able to hit his initial funding goal within 3 days.
  • How William and his team were able to make “Forbes Top 10 Crowd Funded Campaigns of 2014” only a week into their campaign.
  • Why you never want to set terms of a deal too early.

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